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Purchasing your retirement will be the most expensive purchase you will make in your entire life. Get the peace of mind that comes from a specific and well strategized plan. We are Investment Specialists, Retirement Advisers, Insurance Professionals and Financial Planners. We will integrate your finances, taxes, insurance and estate planning needs, so that they will be aligned with your goals and needs. In today's world we do not want to lose any opportunities to grow and protect your money. Our holistic approach is about you and helping you achieve your personal goals, and it is integral to coordinate your finances, taxes and estate planning. Remember, it is not what you make, but what you keep that matters.


Our program is based on full transparency and disclosure, no secrets or hidden fees. We make it easy to know what you are paying and how you are doing. We aren't like other advisers who "sell" you something and then never hear from them again. We believe in continual building of relationships, face to face visits, and continual education for our clients to keep them informed of their plans and how, economic, political, or world changes may impact their circumstances.

At Fleming Financial Services, we value timely and personalized communication. As we all know, life never goes as planned, so there must be flexibility built in to allow for detours or bumps in the road of life. The plan isn’t stagnant. Once implemented, it must be monitored regularly to be sure you stay on the road you have charted for yourself. 

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