Take control of your financial future

Rodizio Grill 
1840 S Val Vista Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85204


June 23


June 25


June 30

Attend this complementary event and learn....

Income: How to maximize social security and other income goals in retirement.

Investments: Portfolio strategies to reduce risk in a volatile market without sacrificing potential gains. 

Taxes: Strategies to reduce taxes now and through retirement.

Health: How to protect your assets if your health were to deteriorate?

Legacy: Is a trust necessary? Ways to determine what you will actually need. Strategies to avoid probate.


Featured Speaker: Sean Fleming

When it comes to my clients, being a Fiduciary and independent of one firm allows me to really put together a plan that is unique to their situation. There is never just one way to accomplish a goal and being a fiduciary and independent allows me to create a plan based upon what my clients need and not from what a company says I can do.

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This event is intended for people ages 50-75 with assets of at least $250,000.
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