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Retirement Planning In Today's Economy

Gilbert Community Center
130 N. Oak St.
Gilbert, AZ 85233


Sept. 28


Sept. 29
Gilbert Community Center
130 N. Oak St.
Gilbert, AZ 85233

Attend this complementary event and learn....

Income: How to maximize social security and other income goals in retirement.

Investments: Portfolio strategies to reduce risk in a volatile market without sacrificing potential gains. 

Taxes: Strategies to reduce taxes now and through retirement.

Health: How to protect your assets if your health were to deteriorate?

Legacy: Is a trust necessary? Ways to determine what you will actually need. Strategies to avoid probate.


Featured Instructor: Sean Fleming

When it comes to my clients, being a Fiduciary and independent of one firm allows me to really put together a plan that is unique to their situation. There is never just one way to accomplish a goal and being a fiduciary and independent allows me to create a plan based upon what my clients need and not from what a company says I can do.

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*This event is intended for people ages 50-75 with assets of at least $250,000.

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