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As President of Fleming Financial Services, Nancy Fleming's goal is to give her clients clarity and confidence about their financial futures.

It's something she wanted 25 years ago as a single parent struggling to ensure her young family's survival. Nancy didn't have time to work, raise a family and pursue her passion of financial research, so she made her passion her career and became a financial planner.

"Helping people plan for a secure retirement is my crusade in life.  I want to provide a 'safe haven' where people feel they can come and talk to me because I take the time to listen and help them understand their options."

A lot of people have accumulated assets, but have a problem they can't solve without involving a professional, she says.  She suggests seeking out a Certified Financial Planner because of the discipline and additional training and ethics courses required.  "Knowing the difference between a salesman and a credentialed advisor could mean the difference between enjoying your retirement or having to work extra years to recover from bad advice", she says.

Nancy knows that investing the time now will definately pay off in retirement.  "I tell people there's no silver bullet that will solve their problems.  Answering their concerns will take a little time for us to talk, gain a mutual understanding and develop a rapport so we are on the same path to achieving their goals."

Nancy Fleming

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