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The Retirement Planning

Fleming Financial Services offers full retirement planning solutions. A plan with us includes in depth analysis of your current financial life, as well as a plan designed specifically designed for you: based on your goals, your objectives, and it covers important items that may affect your financial security. 

Sit down with us during an introductory meeting so we can get to know what your ideal retirement looks like.

Using the Fleming Financial Planning process, we’ll examine your current financial situation, analyze your risk, identify opportunities and formulate a long-term strategy.

Enjoy your retirement once we implement your custom strategy to help you reach your retirement goals.

Your plan will provide you with tax reduction strategies, it will stress test your current investments looking for unnecessary risks that you may not be aware of, provide simple to implement asset protection and tax reduction strategies, and most importantly provide you with our investment recommendations to help you get and keep your finances on track. 

We provide you clearly communicated, written guidance, and investment advice that is always in your best interest. We are Fiduciaries and we take the responsibility seriously.

No two plans are the same, and we will take the time to get to know you and understand exactly what you want. Every plan that we have in place is personalized specifically to you and your situation. Don't be fooled by advisers that have limited resources.

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