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Sean Fleming
Vice President
Nancy Fleming
CFP® Professional

Many people ask, "What does Fleming Financial Services Provide?" It's simple. Fleming Financial Services provides "Peace of Mind" to our Clients. As a Certified Financial Planner and with over 25 years in the financial services industry, we don't just guess what happens to people in their retirement but we've experienced it and plan accordingly for it. People who come into our office get the experience it takes to successfully navigate through their retirement. There are 3 critical things you should know about Fleming Financial Services that set us apart from the rest.   

Our Difference

Our commitment to our clients and their success is top in the industry. We are not annuity salesman nor brokerage houses. We are financial planners that take every detail of your retirement into account so no matter what life throws at you, you will be ready and prepared for it.

It takes time and focus to properly prepare for anything. Purchasing your retirement will be the most expensive purchase you will make in your entire life. The biggest question is, where am I today, where do I want to be, and when? Retirement isn’t simply attaining a certain age. It is attaining a certain level of financial security. What is your goal? What do you envision your retirement looking like? Then, what is the right answer for YOU?  The air waves and the Internet receive daily bombardment of financial information, yet where is your right answer to this question: how do I secure financial security for my family today, then for myself in retirement?

Every plan that we have in place is personalized specifically to you and your situation. There are no cookie cutter approaches to Fleming Financial Services and everything that is recommended is specific to you, your life, and your personal situation. Don't be fooled by advisors that have limited resources.  As Certified Financial Planners, we have built our practice to provide thousands of possible solutions so no plan is the same because no one person is the same.

It starts with understanding where you are, then looking ahead to where you want to be. Ask yourself what you have going for you. Assess where you. How did you get there? What are spending each year. What do you actually need to spend? Do you need to help parents, children or other family members? Will health care costs, including long term care, be paid? What resources do you have now and will you have in the future? Are you making the most of your employer sponsored retirement plan or IRAs? Do you have a pension? What about inflation? How big a tax hit are you taking today? Do you know what it will be when you retire? Is there anything you can do about it? How will your estate pass when you die? Your strategy includes pulling your assets, your ability to create more assets, you responsibilities, needs and lifestyle goals together.

Communication and flexibility are the keys to creating and keeping a successful retirement. Every plan is flexible to change as your circumstances change. We aren't like other advisors who "Sell" you something and then never hear from them again. We believe in continual building of relationships, face to face visits, and continual education for our clients to keep them informed of their plans and how, economic, political, or world changes may impact their circumstances.

Think about a symphony. There are a variety of different musical instruments in the orchestra. All have a different function. Depending on whether the instruments are in or out of tune, whether each one plays at the proper time can create a cacophony or a beautiful rendition. Now apply that to your financial resources. Most people have various accounts collected at different times and for different reasons.  The results of planning will bring your assets together so that each one is properly placed for the goal you have for it. Your finished plan will have you understanding the objective for each position. You will see and understand why you are doing what you are doing and when it will be used. Where will income be distributed today and years from now. It will be a roadmap for your future, answering the questions that came up when working on the strategy. As we all know, life never goes as planned, so there must be flexibility built in to allow for detours or bumps in the road of life. The plan isn’t stagnant. Once implemented, it must be monitored regularly to be sure you stay on the road you have charted for yourself.
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